Foster Carer

A Foster Carer’s Journey

Parents with Child

I am twenty five years old and I am single. I live in a two bedroom apartment alone and I work as Pediatrics Unit nurse in one of the tertiary hospitals in London. Working as a Pediatric Unit and Neonatal unit (for newborn babies) nurse have made me work closely with infants and children. I have always loved children and taking care of children ever since I was a kid myself. Even if I don’t have kids of my own and not yet considering having one any time soon, my friends and family tell me I have an innate maternal instinct. And I agree with them. Taking care of children is like second nature to me. And because of this, I have decided to learn how to foster a child.

I though fostering in London would be an easy breezy task but it’s not. My journey started with going online and searching for foster agencies. I finally found one and made contact with them. They then sent a social worker to my apartment to conduct an initial interview. One of the first questions that the social worker asked was why I wanted to become a foster care when I was only twenty five. “Shouldn’t you be going out to party and get drunk while you still can every night?”, she joked. I smiled. I told her I already did all the partying I could get on my hand when I was in college and those days were behind me. I also told her that since I was living alone and that I have an extra bedroom, I might as well put it to good use. I answered the rest of her questions and it seems like I was definitely qualified to become a foster carer. There was only one major hurdle. Since I was living alone and I have a full time job, I can’t proceed because a foster child needs to have at least one foster care always available to him or her at all times. The social worker told me about my options. I can proceed if I get a part time job or not work at all.

Since it was really my goal to become a foster carer before the year ended, I decided to look for another job. And Lady Luck seemed to have her eyes and ears on me at the time. I started looking for jobs online and then I came across a clinical nurse job opening with one of the insurance companies, which I thought was best for me – I would be able to work from home! It was so perfect and so I applied right away and to make the long story short, I got accepted. So I called the social worker again, informed them of my new working status and proceeded to continue my application. In one month, I got approved and in another month, I received a call from the foster agency that a 4 year old girl is in need of a foster carer.

That was the start of my journey to the fostering world. It was not easy, but the rewards outweighed the challenges. And now, I wouldn’t want to trade my life as a foster carer for anything else.